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Skill Builder Workshop (In Conjunction with UFL Soft Matter Symposium)


Learn Rheology, DMA, AFM, and DLS hands-on!

Do you have a couple of hours and want to learn about material characterization techniques for your academic research? Are you working in industry now and find that you need better techniques to differentiate between good and bad formulas? Or are you just curious about the techniques because they are cool?


This Skill Builder Workshop is designed to cover leading edge characterization techniques in a concise and practical manner by including:


  • Fundamental science behind the measurement
  • Top 3-5 critical considerations for making reliable measurements
  • Real world application examples

The Skill Builder Workshop preceeding the Texas Soft Matter Meeting will be broken into 2 hour sessions so you can attend one or all:


  • Nanosurface Properties by Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
  • Particle Characterization and Zeta Potential by Dynamic Light Scattering
  • Flow and Deformation Behavior of Liquids to Solids by Rheology and DMA


By the end of each session, you will be able to make basic measurements on your own.


The sessions well be held at 8:30 (AFM), 10:30 (DLS), and 12:30 (Rheology-DMA).


This workshop is the perfect epilogue to the UFL Soft Matter Symposium the previous days:




If you plan on bringing samples to the workshop, please let us know in advance by contacting Mr. Sandeep Manandhar at sandeep.manandhar@anton-paar.com to ensure we can accommodate your request.

Date: 2018-10-19 , 08:30 - 14:30
Lieu: Gainesville, FL, United States , UFL - 125 Rhines Hall Gainesville
Langue: English
Formateur: Mr. Sandeep Manandhar
Coûts: Free but registration is required
Fin de l'inscription: 2018-10-19

Personne à contacter et inscription:
Mr. Sandeep Manandhar
Tél.: 713-357-6346 x506