Anton Paar eAcademy: Rheology of Polymer


Polymer is an innovative material that exists from both natural and man-made. From the plastic bottle, car door handle and household compliances, we rely on polymer material in our daily life. However, it is important to understand its rheological properties such as viscoelastic behaviour and temperature properties which are important in every process stage until they become in finish good to ensure smooth process during production and safe to use by the end user.


Target group:

People with working knowledge of polymer rheology who are interested in rheological test methods used to characterize thermoplastic polymers, with additional focus on polymer solutions, thermosets and elastomers such as dynamic mechanical thermal analysis.

  • Determination of appropriate tests to characterize polymers and interpret the data generated (flow curves, normal stress, stress relaxation, amplitude and frequency sweeps, DMA)
  • Characterization of the changes in viscoelastic properties over a range of temperatures
  • Identification of melt temperatures, glass transition temperatures, and curing kinetics
  • Utilization of the appropriate measuring hardware based upon the sample to be measured



Date: 2021-11-16, 10:00 - 11:15 (UTC+08:00)
Langues: English
Formateur: Nigel Foong

Mr. Nigel Foong joined Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman as Assistant Laboratory Manager for 3 years. He served in laboratory management and look over analytical instruments of material characterization in spectroscopy (FT-IR,UV-Vis, Polarimeter, Fluorescence, AAS),thermal analyser (TGA, DSC) and X-ray Diffractometer (XRD).

With his varied experience in materials characterization, Nigel is currently with Anton Paar as the Application Specialist supporting customers in rheology and particle characterization.