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The world of microwave synthesis

Did you ever have issues with a chemical reaction that was difficult to perform? You did not get the expected reaction product or could not improve the yields? Then here is the right solution for you.

Whether you are an experienced microwave chemist or new in the field of microwave synthesis, you will find your answers here, in the world of microwave synthesis. Benefit from the following free tools:

  • Application database
    The microwave synthesis application database is a comprehensive collection of over a thousand reactions that have been successfully synthesized in microwave reactors. It is a living and constantly growing scientific platform providing chemical reactions, respective conditions, and experimental details categorized in 30 application chapters.
  • Protocol converter
    The protocol converter is based on the Arrhenius Law and converts reflux protocols into sealed-vessel protocols. It gives you an idea of where to start with your optimizations if you want to switch from time-demanding reflux chemistry to efficient and convenient sealed-vessel reaction processing.
  • Configuration finder
    The configuration finder is a valuable assistant aimed at helping you find the optimal microwave or conventionally heated sealed-vessel reactor for your individual requirements. Just type in your needs and let the assistant find the best solution for you.
  • Free microwave textbook
    Order your textbook A Chemist’s Guide to Microwave Synthesis free of charge!
    Get the third edition (2018 version) of the hardcover book written by microwave chemists who have almost 20 years of experience in the field of microwave synthesis.


Which reactor is the smallest?

Monowave 50 is the smallest available sealed-vessel reactor which can perform microwave chemistry without using microwaves. It is the plug-and-play entry model to modern sealed-vessel chemistry. It is also a very suitable tool for experienced microwave chemists who want to save lab space. Additionally, Monowave 50 can be used whenever reactions have to be performed under nitrogen atmosphere as it can be operated in a glovebox.

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Is automation possible with a microwave reactor?

Yes, Monowave microwave reactors can be equipped with an autosampler unit which automatically places reaction mixtures in the reactor for heating, takes them out after the reaction has been cooled down, and reloads the reactor with the next vessel.
This way, up to 24 reactions can be prepared in advance for unattended operation overnight under individual conditions.

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Application Database for Synthesis Reactors

Find the references you need to perform successful syntheses

This database is a living and growing scientific platform including more than 1000 chemical reactions which have been successfully performed in Anton Paar synthesis reactors.

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