Webinar: Wear resistance, friction, and lubrication in industrial applications

Tribology is an interdisciplinary field of science and technology dealing with friction, wear, and lubrication. From automotive engine components to cartilage and tissues, tribology can be applied in various fields. Watch this in-depth webinar to learn more about the tribological characterization of different surfaces and systems. The presentation covers the theoretical aspects of tribology and gives insights into the right instrument selection for characterizing tribological properties of surfaces and interfaces – from tribometers to an atomic force microscope. This webinar focuses on the following applications:

  • Determination of transition between static and kinetic friction of different contacts/interfaces
  • Frictional and wear performance of additives in an engine oil and the effect of contamination

    • Characterization of boundary and mixed lubrication with the help of an MCR Tribometer and surface characterization using the atomic force microscope (AFM)

  • Friction and wear performance of hard coatings at elevated temperatures

    • Why and how to use the high temperature tribometer and how to analyze the data obtained during the tests

The webinar lasts approximately 60 minutes with opportunities for questions.

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