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Rheological Applications: Shear Thickening in Concentrated Colloidal Suspensions (11:30AM-12:15PM Eastern US Time)


Shear thickening materials pose an industrial and scientific challenge for the processing and characterization of various inhomogeneous colloidal systems. Concentrated suspensions often respond to flow based on physical and physio-chemical properties rather than material chemistry. Thus, mitigation of the deleterious impact of increased viscosity at low and high shear rates is best addressed when the underlying particle aggregation can be understood in terms of particle and additive interactions in relation to the applied shear.


This webinar examines these theoretical particle and polymer structures for their predicted performance during pumping, pouring, and mixing through use of rotational rheometry techniques.  

Date: 2017-01-31
Language: English
Trainer: Lisa Murray

Dr. Lisa Murray is a Rheology Representative at Anton Paar USA wherein she provides technical consultation to rheometer users of various industries in the Midwest.  Prior to joining Anton Paar USA, Lisa graduated from Purdue University’s School of Materials Engineering.  Her PhD research focused on colloidal suspensions rheology with emphasis on polymer physics and processing applications. 

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Hayley Gilbert
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