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Wine Tribology

Tribometers from Anton Paar enable measurements of rheological and tribological properties of wine on a single instrument.

Save time and money on evaluating your wine by using the AntonPaar MCR Tribometer

In wine there is truth, and a great deal of pleasure. Silky, smooth, velvetyor rough, the mouthfeel can have a big impact on how a wine is perceivedon drinking. Mouthfeel can be measured! As can the delicate changes inthe palatal sensory perception of wine caused by breathing, with the helpof simple measurements on the MCR Tribometer.

Tribology gives you information about the interactions of the food structureand molecules with surfaces in your mouth.

Additionally, the flow properties of wine can be measured on the MCR.

Simplify your sensory evaluations! Employ high-level pre-screeningmethods in rheology and tribology to objectively evaluate your wine beforesensory testing.

Benefit from dedicated measuring setups

Employ the easy-to-use, easy-to-change, lab-scale MCR instruments forboth rheological and tribological characterization of your food andbeverage products.

Dedicated measuring cells and geometries, as well as specimens fortribological testing are available. These correspond with the findings of thelatest research in the field of food oral processing.

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Other relevant instruments

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Good to know

Objective evaluation of propertiesrelevant to sensory perception of wineis now possible!

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