Discover solutions for Plant-Based Food Characterization: From Raw Materials to Final Product Quality

With the popularity of vegan & vegetarian foods, plant-based alternatives to the conventional meat & dairy based products have gained tremendous traction in recent years. Thus, now more than ever, there is a need for developing methodologies used in raw material quality inspection as well as research & development into production of safe & delicious plant-based foods.

This free webinar will explore:

Quality control of plant-based alternative products

Viscosity analysis

Concentration analysis


Technologies for research, development & production

Rheological profile analysis

Tribology & mouthfeel analysis

Extrusion for meat analogue production

Oxidation stability

Mr. Rene Nguyen, Mahshid Keramatnejad (English)
Rene Nguyen

René Nguyen earned his PhD in Organic Synthesis at McGill University. He has been a product specialist at Anton Paar since 2016, specializing in analytical testing of beverage and petroleum products. He has developed numerous unique methods for measuring density and saved users time and money with his contributions in concentration determination.

Mahshid Keramatnejad

Mahshid Keramatnejad is a product specialist with a MSc. Biophysical & Surface Chemistry.  She is the lead application specialist for Rheology at Anton Paar Canada. She received her masters from Concordia university, specializing in Surface & Biophysical Chemistry & Model Membrane Characterization.