Rheology Boot Camp - MCR Rheometer User Course - Los Angeles, CA (IARBA002)


This fast paced, four day training course covers MCR rheometer hardware and RheoCompass™ software as well as the fundamentals of rheology. Additionally, the course covers strategies and tips for making effective measurements with your MCR rheometer.By the end of this boot camp, you will have working knowledge of the following:Proper care and maintenance for your MCR rheometer, accessories, and measuring systemsAdjustment and calibration verification for your MCR rheometerStructure and basic operation of RheoCompass™ softwareFundamentals of viscosity, flow properties, and viscoelastic behaviorData interpretation and analysisMaking effective, reproducible, and meaningful measurementsThe training course includes a balance of classroom sessions and practical, hands-on lab sessions with MCR rheometers, RheoCompass™ software and model samples. The content is appropriate for new users and existing users who want to refresh their knowledge. This course is designed for users of MCR rheometers.It is recommended to have a basic understanding of the concepts of rheology prior to attending this course.Attendees will receive the book Applied Rheology - With Joe Flow on Rheology Road written by Thomas Mezger bit.ly/2jlPOT3 .RHEOPLUS SOFTWARE WILL NOT BE TAUGHT DURING THIS COURSE. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO UPGRADE TO RHEOCOMPASS™ PRIOR TO THIS COURSE, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL SALES REPRESENTATIVE.This course is most effective for users with 3-4 months experience on their MCR rheometer and RheoCompass™ software.

Date: 2020-10-06, 00:00 - 2020-10-09, 00:00 (PDT UTC -7)
Venue: Torrance, CA, United States, Anton Paar USA Western Regional Headquarters Torrance, CA
Language: English
Number of participants: 12
Trainer: Mr. James Eickhoff

Mr. James Eickhoff has over twelve years of rheology experience.  He is currently a Senior Product Specialist at Anton Paar USA where much of his time is spent helping customers optimize use of their MCR Rheometer and RheoCompass software. James received his Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technological University and his Master's degree in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University.

Costs: $925 due upon registration which includes refreshments, lunches, and course materials.
End of registration: 2020-09-29

Contact person and registration:
James Eickhoff
Tel.: 8045501051

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