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  • The Multiwave PRO microwave reaction system serves two groups: professionals in trace analysis and synthetic chemistry.
  • Reaction vessel for solvent extraction applications.
  • Acid digestion rotor 8N for maximum microwave digestion performance - even for highly inhomogeneous and difficult samples.

Microwave Reaction System: Multiwave PRO

The Multiwave PRO microwave reaction system serves two groups: professionals in trace analysis and synthetic chemistry. The instrument delivers the high-quality solutions you need in sample preparation to obtain excellent trace analysis results even with complicated, demanding samples. In synthetic chemistry it provides neat reaction products from a broad variety of substrates in varying scales. Multiwave PRO masters high temperatures and provides comprehensive safety features. Its wide range of accessories allows digestion, parallel method development, multigram synthesis, leaching, oxygen combustion, solvent extraction, drying, evaporation, and UV digestion with one single system.

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Key Features

Reaction control

Unpulsed microwave power over the whole range ensures precise control of critical reactions.


Cooling: fast and quiet

The integrated forced-air cooling system with air gap design cools the vessels within minutes after digestion.


Safety without compromise

Numerous active and passive safety features protect the system, operator and surroundings in all situations.


Get in touch

Multiwave PRO has a large color touchscreen for convenient operation which is easy to read from a distance. The on-board PC provides a multilingual and intuitive software solution.


Convenient tool-free handling

Opening and sealing Multiwave PRO’s rotors, vessels and sensors is quick and simple - just use your hands. This tool-free handling is unique to Anton Paar and simplifies this frequently repeated work step.



ASTM E1645
ASTM D5258
ASTM D5765
ASTM D6010
ASTM D5513


CPSC CPSC-CH-E1001-08-2
CPSC CPSC-CH-E1002-08-2


EPA 3051a
EPA 3052
EPA 3015a
EPA 3546
EN 13805
EN 14385
EN 14084
EN 13346 S7a


ISO 15587-1
ISO 15587-2


USP 232 - Elemental impurities - limits introduction
USP 233 - Elemental impurities - procedures

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