Meet the Smart Microwave System: Multiwave 5000


With this Online Seminar get introduced to the most user-friendly microwave digestion system for heavy metal analysis: Multiwave 5000. Get to know how a new generation smart microwave reaction platform can cut down your time, costs and help you achieve reliable results … smartly!

Experience how one system can provide endless possibilities in the world of sample preparation for all kinds of samples (varying in difficulty or volume) – acid digestion and leaching , microwave solvent extraction, evaporation, microwave-induced oxygen combustion , UV digestion , sample drying, synthesis , etc. We will be covering the following topics in this Online Seminar:

  • Basics of Sample Preparation
  • Challenges with existing available solution
  • Sample Preparation Solutions @ Anton Paar
  • Multiwave 5000 – How it can help you achieve your heavy metal analysis challenges, smartly! 



Date: 2020-04-14, 11:00 - 12:30 (IST UTC+05:30)
Language: English
Trainer: Amrish Dave

Contact person and registration:
Richa Arora
Tel.: 0124 - 4932823