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CO₂ Sensor

The fastest CO2 analyzers on the market

CO2 sensor: Highly accurate inline CO2 sensor from Anton Paar for the continuous monitoring and control of CO2content during beverage production. CO2 sensor: quality targets are fulfilled from the first minute of production.

CO2 sensor: The CO2 content is an important quality parameter of beer, sparkling wine, soft drinks and mineral water. It also influences the taste of beverages and the product quality.

Increasingly discerning consumers and progressive production standards require strict adherence to quality targets. Monitoring and controlling the CO2 content with a CO2 sensor from Anton Paar result in beverages which meet these requirements.

There is a suitable CO2 sensor for every application, with many benefits:

  • Constantly high beverage quality due to continuous monitoring
  • Inline measurement directly in the main line
  • First-class for hygiene (EHEDG conformance)
  • Drift-free measuring principle based on Henry’s law
  • Extremely short measuring cycle and high accuracy
  • Robust and safe

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CO2 sensor from Anton Paar – robust, quick, hygienic.