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CO₂ Sensor

CO₂ Sensor

Leading technology for your leading freshness and taste

Make sure your beverage tastes great – with exact CO₂ measurements. Ready for 24/7 operation in harsh environments, Anton Paar’s CO₂ sensors precisely determine your beverages’ CO₂ content, allowing for cost-optimized quality control during the production process. Save precious time and goods with complete control of your process – Anton Paar’s sensors ensure your products’ sparkle!

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Accurate and stable

Anton Paar offers a range of different process CO₂ sensors. Depending on the sensor, the available accuracy varies from 0.1 g/L to 0.05 g/L. Count on stable readings with integrated temperature compensation that last a long time without any drift and reduce necessary adjustments to a minimum.


Anton Paar CO₂ Sensors keep your beverage quality on target by continuously monitoring their CO₂ content. A measurement starts once the process line is filled and then delivers short interval measurements, which can even be used for carbonator control loops.


With the Smart Sensors of the Carbo 5 series, everything is under control. The modular sensors available in three configurations all provide self-diagnosis in compliance with NAMUR recommendation NE107 and inform you when service is required or errors are detected. Alarms and limits are easily defined and messages are shown directly on the mPDS 5 evaluation unit or the sensor's operating terminal.

Reliable and easily maintained

All sensors are designed and built to have long service intervals and are factory calibrated to deliver accurate measurements as soon as they are installed. The sensors’ outstanding quality is the result of Anton Paar’s 35 years of experience in process instrumentation.

Ready for work under any conditions

All sensors are designed and built to run in harsh process environments for years. Carbo 510 and Carbo 520 are IP 67 and NEMA 6 rated, while Carbo 2100 MVE is rated IP 65 and NEMA 4.

Anton Paar has supplied process instruments to industries for 35 years and offers a wide range of instruments and accessories to meet the requirements of customers in a variety of industrial branches.

The high precision instruments have gained a great reputation for their quality, reliability and accuracy. They are used throughout the world in highly demanding applications and hazardous areas.

Anton Paar’s process instrumentation ensures the continuous control of product quality and product specifications within tight tolerance limits to increase your plant’s productivity. Consumption of raw materials and energy is optimized and the production capacity is maximized.