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Nanoindentation (NHT³)

The NHT3 is designed to provide low loads with depth measurements in the nanometer scale for the measurement of hardness, elastic modulus, creep, etc. The system can be used to characterize organic, inorganic, hard and soft materials. With the unique top surface referencing technique, an indentation measurement can be made in less than 3 minutes without waiting for thermal stabilization.

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Key Features

Quick and efficient indentation measurements

  • Unique top-referencing surface determination
  • Automated optical microscope camera inspection before and after testing
  • Feedback-controlled normal force
  • Differential capacitive measurement of indentation depths
  • PC software package for automated data acquisition, storage and evaluation


  • Vacuum or environmental control enclosure
  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
  • Sinus mode
  • Liquid cell

Technical Specifications

Max. force 500 mN
Resolution   0.01 μN
Max. depth 200 μm
Resolution 0.01 nm
Load frame stiffness >> 107 N/m
International standards ISO 14577, ASTM E2546, etc.


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