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  • 1000°C Temperature Tribometer
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High Temperature Tribometer (THT)

The analysis of friction and wear properties of materials at elevated temperatures has become increasingly important, especially for the development and quality control of combustion engine and power plant constituent parts. To meet the resulting need for quantitative data at elevated thermal conditions Anton Paar has extended its range of pin-on-disk Tribometers with a powerful high-temperature version which can accurately simulate in-service conditions.



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Key Features

Technical features

  • Differential friction sensors for perfect stability at all temperatures (up to 1000°C)    Efficient heating/cooling system to accurately maintain desired temperature
  • Angular sensor for reciprocating multicycles
  • Automatic shut-off at selected track length or friction coefficient threshold
  • Room temperature measurement
  • Testing conforms to DIN 50324, ASTM G99 and ASTM G133

Additional capabilities:

  • Electrical contact resistance (ECR)
  • Continuous wear depth measurement
  • Vacuum setup

Technical Specifications

Rotation speed 0.3 to 500 rpm
(optional 1500 rpm)
Maximum torque 450 Nmm
Friction force (LVDT sensor) up to 10 N
(optional 20 N)
Maximum disk dimensions Ø max. 55 mm


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