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Various Petroleum Properties

Various Petroleum Properties

Outstanding petroleum testing expertise

Anton Paar provides a range of highly popular, user-friendly solutions for analyzing various petroleum properties in fuels, lubricating oils, greases, and bitumen. You can analyze corrosiveness and coke-forming deposits, hydrocarbon types, gum content residue, the salt content in crude oil, foaming characteristics of lubricating oils or general liquid characteristics like density. Anton Paar’s instruments are often also applicable for measurements on bio-based products.

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Stability of emulsions

The newly designed Anton Paar emulsifier measures the ability of petroleum oils or synthetic fluids to separate from water in water-oil emulsions. The Herschel emulsifier is equipped with all components you require for complete compliance with the standard methods ASTM D1401, ISO 6614.

Foam building of oils

Measure the foaming tendency and the foam stability of lubricating oils for high-speed gearing and high-volume pumping systems at specific temperatures. Anton Paar’s twin-bath arrangement with various accessories also allows high-temperature tests according to ASTM D6082 sequence IV and the methods ASTM D892, ISO 6247, JIS K 2518 and IP 146.

Existent gum in fuels

The gum content is the residue of aircraft fuels, motor gasoline and other volatile distillates which cannot be evaporated under a flow of air or steam. Like all other Anton Paar solutions for measuring various petroleum properties, Anton Paar’s gum tester is designed for maximum safety. The system’s unique multifunction head reduces the risk of burn injuries. The gum tester works according to ASTM D381, ISO 6246, EN 6246, JIS K 2261, DIN 51784, FTM 791-3302, IP 131, IP 540.

Chloride concentration in crude oil

Knowledge of the salt concentration in crude oil is essential, as this property is a major cause of corrosion during the refining process. Based on conductivity, the salinometer from Anton Paar measures chloride concentration in accordance with ASTM D3230, JIS K 2601 and IP 265. You can accurately assess the desalting requirements for incoming crude oil and evaluate the efficiency of your desalting process.

Corrosion through liquid petroleum

Anton Paar’s copper strip tester allows you to assess the corrosiveness to copper of aviation gasoline, automotive gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel and many other petroleum products according to international standards (ASTM D130, ISO 2160, JIS K 2220, JIS K 2513, FTM 791-5325, IP 154 and ASTM D4814 for silver strips).