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Inline Polarimeter

Inline Polarimeter

Ready for the long run

The Propol process polarimeter from Anton Paar enables you to continuously measure chiral compounds inline or online during production. Ideally suited for long-term inline measurement because it is designed without mechanically moved parts, the rugged inline polarimeter is frequently used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and in food applications.

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Robust, ATEX conform (optional)

The Propol process polarimeter from Anton Paar has a robust cast aluminum housing for operation in harsh environments. It is waterproof in accordance with protection class IP 65. Propol can optionally be supplied to ensure ATEX conformity for operation in explosive environments, by adapting a pressurized enclosure system.

Long lifetime

Designed entirely without moving parts, the Propol inline polarimeter is virtually maintenance-free. This is possible due to its measuring principle, which is based on magneto-optical compensation. Moreover, its LED light source ensures a long lifetime of up to 100 000 h.

Adaptable and secure

The polarimeter can be installed inline or in a bypass, with different sample cells of optical path lengths ranging from 10 mm to 70 mm. The distance between Propol`s measuring unit and the display housing can be up to 100 m. Propol contains measuring ranges for Optical Rotation, %Sucrose and %Glucose. Three different user-configurable concentration ranges and comparator functions with two programmable set points are available. The measured results are easily transferred to your PCS process control via an analog output or RS 232 communication port.

A range of application options

Propol is successfully applied in the synthesis and extraction of chiral bio-chemicals such as antibiotics, amino acids, hormones, vitamins, flavors and fragrances and in the separation of racemates, molasses analysis and liquid sugar production.

Powerful combination systems

Propol can be combined with Anton Paar refractometers and density meters in order to determine the inversion ratio.