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Ball-on-Disk Tribometer

Pin-on-Disk Tribometer (TRB)

The Pin-on-Disk Tribometer is a table-top instrument, which is compact and can be installed on any stable table. With its combined computer control and TriboX software, it represents an easy-to-use instrument for all materials laboratories interested in conducting Tribological tests. Moreover, the installation is extremely easy: it is a “Plug and Play” instrument.

The Tribometers have proven their reliability in over hundreds of laboratories worldwide, for studying:

  • New materials (ceramics, metals, polymers)
  • Lubricants and oil additives
  • Self-lubricating systems
  • Quality assurance
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Key Features

Technical features:

  • Precisely calibrated friction and wear measurements
  • Stable contact point and no parasitic friction
  • Variable sample sizes and shapes
  • Automatic switch-off (track length / friction coefficient)
  • Test in liquids and controlled humidity
  • Testing compatible with DIN 50324 and ASTM
  • Software package for PC-controlled data acquisition and instrument control, featuring real-time graphical data display, friction and wear coefficients, sliding lifetime, etc
  • Possibility to perform a cross section profile of the wear track by making a pause during the test without modification of the experimental set-up.


Additional capabilities:

  • Having the possibility to measure a 10 N Friction force in a standard test enables to characterize not only low friction coatings but also higher friction materials such as conventional systems like steel-steel or Alumina-steel without any limitations.
  • Easy verification and calibration of radius sensor, rotational speed and friction sensor.
  • Control of the sample wear rate online
  • Study of the sample plastic deformation online



Technical Specifications

Rotation speed1 to 500 rpm
(optional 1500 rpm)
Maximum torque450 Nmm
Friction force (LVDT sensor) up to 10 N
(optional 20 N)
Maximum disk dimensionsØ max. 60 mm
Maximum disk thicknessup to 15 mm
Maximum normal load10 N
(optional 60 N)





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