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Micro Scratch test

Micro Scratch Tester (MST³)

The Micro Scratch Tester is widely used to characterize the practical adhesion failure of thin films and coatings with a typical thickness below 5 μm. The Micro Scratch Tester is also used in the analysis of organic and inorganic soft and hard coatings.

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Key Features

Technical Features:

  • Superior micro scratch testing
  • Diamond-stylus scratch method
  • Automated video microscope with synchronized multi-focus panorama
  • Active force feedback control
  • Scratch depth measurement with pre- and post-scan correction
  • Numerous scratch testing capabilities
  • Acoustic emission sensor


  • Swinging module for lateral oscillations while scratching
  • AFM or ConScan 3D imaging
  • Wide range of indenter tips
  • Indentation option
  • Verification kit for load, friction force and penetration depth

Technical Specifications

Penetration depth
Fine range Large range
Maximum depth [μm] 100 1000
Depth resolution [nm] 0.05 0.5



Normal load
Fine rangeLarge range
Maximum load [N] 1030
Load resolution [mN] 0.010.03
Friction load
Fine rangeLarge range
Maximum friction load [N]1030
Resolution friction load [mN]0.010.03




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